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How Cryoskin Chin & Jaw Sculpting Delivers the Jawline of Your Dreams​

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CryoSlimming + CryoToning = your newly snatched jawline!


FACE uses a specialized 2-step process to reduce chin fat while delivering a more defined jawline. Designed by Desiree herself and not offered elsewhere, Cryoskin Jaw & Chin Sculpting employs 2 different applications of cryotherapy with a single aim—to get you the slim chin and tight jawline you have always wanted.

The best part is that this non-surgical, non-invasive approach to chin and jawline sculpting is a 100% painless and natural chin reduction! The combination of CryoSlimming, which destroys fat cells, and CryoToning, which tightens and lifts the area, is a powerhouse, easy-peasy combo to lose fat and tone the chin and jawline.

Cryoskin Jawline & Chin Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment for immediate fat loss and skin tightening that delivers results that rival surgery and Kybella. And since this treatment means same-day results with no discomfort, you can say goodbye to scarves and turtlenecks—and say hello to the slim, contoured face you have been coveting.

To achieve your desired look with this fat loss and facial sculpting treatment, we perform alternating weekly sessions of CryoSlimming and CryoToning.

For best results, pair this treatment with FACE’s Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, which can aid in weight loss efforts and help flush dead fat cells out of your system.

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat with CryoSlimming


CryoSlimming is a localized fat-freezing technique that delivers permanent fat loss using hot and cold temperatures. To help you lose neck and chin fat and achieve a lean, slim face, Desiree uses CryoSlimming technology to deliver the non-surgical double chin reduction you have been seeking.

CryoSlimming targets subcutaneous fat cells by rapidly warming them and then cooling them to sub-zero temperatures. This process permanently eradicates stubborn fat cells without impacting the skin and other cells next to them.

First, Desiree applies heat to the treatment area and then rapidly cools the skin to destroy fat cells. The application of cold temperatures causes fat cells to shrink right away and then die over the weeks following your session. Your body will naturally flush the dead cells using the lymphatic system, leaving you with a dramatically slimmed chin and neck.

Learn more about CryoSlimming here.

Get a Better Jawline with CryoToning


Because CryoSlimming causes rapid fat loss, we follow up with CryoToning to sculpt, tone, and tighten your newly slimmed neck and jawline. Desiree performs non-surgical jawline contouring with CryoToning.

This technique works by constricting and dilating blood vessels to maximize circulation and deliver oxygen and antioxidants to the treatment area, which leads to increased production of collagen and elastin—2 elements essential for youthful-looking skin.

CryoToning is an ideal treatment to target loose or sagging skin because it creates an immediate skin-tightening effect.

Get all the details about CryoToning here.

With alternating weekly sessions of CryoSculpting and CryoToning, you will see a dramatic improvement. Not only does this FACE-exclusive treatment help get rid of a double chin, but it also reduces jowls—a not-so-flattering term for skin laxity under the chin and around the jawline.

Fat Freezing That Works for Stubborn Fat


Fat freezing is an incredibly safe and effective way to achieve immediate and significant fat loss in stubborn areas. If you have been wondering how to get rid of a double chin or the fat around the jawline, the standard rules of weight loss do not apply.

The neck and chin are areas where we have stubborn fat—that is, fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. Stubborn fat deposits occur because of different concentrations of the receptors in the fat cells themselves.

While fat cells with Beta-2 receptors respond to standard weight loss efforts by releasing fat, Alpha-2 receptors hold onto the fat within the cell. Areas with stubborn fat, think under the chin and around the jawline, have higher numbers of Alpha-2 receptors, making it much more challenging to lose fat and get the definition you want.

But with CryoSlimming, fat cells are permanently destroyed to deliver the gorgeous, slim, defined chin and neck of your dreams.

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