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Give Your Brain a Glow-Up with Neurofeedback Brain Training

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Give your brain a glow-up with a next-level sexy fitness routine for your mind.


Awaken your deep inner wisdom and innate personal stability with neurofeedback brain training. At FACE, we use NeurOptimal®, an advanced non-linear Dynamical Feedback® system, to facilitate this type of personal transformation.

With continued practice, NeurOptimal’s® one-of-a-kind neuro-fitness training teaches the brain and central nervous system to be more flexible, resilient, and adaptable—enabling you to better deal with both internal and external turbulence.



Neurofeedback is a non-invasive neurological training that helps teach your brain healthier ways of relating. With ongoing sessions, this gentle feedback system assists the mind in a gradual progression toward greater happiness, calm, and personal freedom.

Imagine your intimate relationships, career, and inner life with just a little boost in that department. It is officially time to get that gorgeous brain to the gym!

Yes, this routine can help you develop greater mental acuity, improve brain fitness, and promote focus. But the positive returns extend far beyond faster, more reliable thinking.

Alongside mental fitness, your brain also learns greater emotional flexibility and resilience. As a result, neurofeedback training enacts a compelling personal transformation. This shift in attitude enables you to cope more skillfully and easefully with all of life’s challenges.



NeurOptimal’s® one-of-a-kind system is designed to feed your brain continual real-time information based on your own dynamic cortical activity. With regular training, this kind of feedback allows the brain to restructure itself. 

Think of it this way: your brain will be interacting with itself in a naturally adaptive way, promoting healthy shifts safely and seamlessly. 

With NeurOptimal®, your brain learns to self-organize with greater efficiency to awaken the best version of you—free from unhealthy patterns and responses. Now you can meet all of life’s ups and downs with an optimal brain. 



Neurofeedback brain training is a type of biofeedback: a range of practices whose objective is to control and condition physiological processes that usually happen involuntarily. Some common examples are heart rate and breathing.

The process is a safe, gentle, and pleasant way to train the brain to function as a self-regulating system over time. Think of neurofeedback as neurological biofeedback, that is, biofeedback applied directly to the brain.

NeurOptimal® training helps your brain adapt efficiently, promoting healthier thoughts and responses. Over time, this process activates the healing wisdom that has always been present within you. Perfectly balanced.

Step up the brain training experience in FACE’s creamy white leather zero gravity chair, with the option for heat, gentle chair massage, or both. Relax deeply with a warm lavender eye mask and hand-knit 15-pound weighted blanket. Cocoon your 5 senses in profound nourishment to soothe, refresh, and recharge from the inside out.

Or better yet—rent the unit for yourself, your family, or your office to experience maximum comfort and convenience on your inner healing journey.



NeurOptimal® is passive brain training for personal enrichment. What can you expect from ongoing sessions? From improved problem solving to better stress management, neurofeedback delivers a powerful set of benefits.

Regular brain training can help you

  • Respond more skillfully to triggers and stressors.
  • Improve your sleep habits and sleep management.
  • Awake more refreshed and rested.
  • Develop greater emotional flexibility and resilience.
  • Feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • Establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Meet your weight loss goals.
  • Feel calmer and comfortable.
  • Manage stressful life changes with greater ease.
  • Cultivate self-esteem and self-trust.
  • Maximize mental acuity and brain fitness.
  • Reduce the impact of performance anxiety.
  • Learn new things more quickly and easily.
  • Increase your capacity for problem-solving, resource management, and multitasking.

Rather than changing externals, neurofeedback encourages your brain to change its patterns and responses. In other words, NeurOptimal® helps promote greater internal flexibility and resilience to facilitate a compelling personal transformation.



Because NeurOptimal® focuses on encouraging internal flexibility and stability, it can benefit anyone. The NeurOptimal® system has no side effects and is completely safe, even for children.

Neurofeedback supports general wellness by teaching your mind to wear life like a loose garment. The newfound freedom achieved with regular use can benefit anyone seeking a boost to health and wellbeing, including improved stability, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.

But the advantages of neurofeedback brain training do not stop there. Introduce the benefits of neurofeedback to all spheres of your life.



With continued practice, NeurOptimal’s® next-level neuro-fitness routine teaches the brain and central nervous system to be more flexible, resilient, and adaptable—enabling you to better deal with all of life’s ups and downs.

And here is the best part: since the system is entirely passive, all you need to do is relax and listen to a soothing audioscape—your brain does the rest.

This is how neurofeedback with NeurOptimal® works: after you get cozy, we will attach several electrodes to you. These transmit electrical activity from your brain into the mainframe. NeurOptimal® measures the voltage fluctuations in your brain—and adjusts the audio stream based on your individual cortical activity.

What makes NeurOptimal® unique is that it is a dynamical system—meaning one that is continuously learning and adapting based on the system to which it is responding.

You will experience these dynamical changes as slight interruptions or skips in the media. Your central nervous system (CNS) responds and adjusts as your brain registers these interruptions.

With continued and regular use, NeurOptimal’s® intelligent system gently guides you toward calmer, healthier responses, enabling a dramatic personal transformation over time.

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