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Emotionally intelligent marketing:

Websites that forge connection.

What Is Emotionally
Intelligent Marketing?

Emotionally intelligent marketing is the practice of using emotional intelligence to better understand & connect with your audience on an emotional level.

I use my intuitive understanding of human emotions & values to create an experience where your site visitors feel deeply seen, heard & cared for. 

Ultimately, emotionally intelligent marketing aims to create meaningful, authentic connections between your site or business & the real people who seek what you’re offering.

SEO & content services

Investing in your digital content marketing strategy today will pay dividends—increasing brand awareness, site visitors & online sales over time. The services I offer are the roadmap we’ll use to get there.

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Content strategy

Content creation

Brand story

Brand voice

Technical SEO

Website audits

Website architecture

An organic SEO strategy aims to boost your site’s rankings, while a content strategy connects with and provides value to your audience. When skillfully interwoven, these practices establish identification, emotional engagement & impact. 

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watercolor blob pink Emotionally intelligent marketing EM SEO content

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Put your digital marketing strategy
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with emotional intelligence.

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Hey, I’m Ella. I believe that success in today’s online world means connecting with your audience on an authentic & emotional level.

Forging a meaningful connection with your site visitors means exploring their felt experience—which is why emotional intelligence is fundamental to your marketing strategy.

Together, we’ll find the best way to connect with your audience to achieve your goals, from growing brand awareness & web presence to attracting site visitors, boosting sales & building a loyal following.

And because I understand that staying true to who you are is more important than any SEO or marketing strategy, we’ll grow your site without ever compromising your vision, voice, or values.


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Discover online marketing with integrity.